Radiohead finally returned to play the UK this week for the first time since they headlined Glastonbury Festival in the summer of 2011. Many things have changed for the band since that headline show at Worthy Farm, most of them centred around the tragedy that afflicted them when a storm at an outdoor gig in Toronto killed their guitar technician Scott Johnson, yet one thing that remained between this year and last was their desire to trick and confuse their audience who were hoping that a high profile show might mean a smattering of the old hits.

The Independent reports that when playing the O2 Arena in London last night (October 8, 2012), Radiohead gave their fans 'Karma Police', but that was about it for sing-alongs unless you count more recent efforts like 'Nude'. Instead, with two drummers instead of one, they propelled themselves rhythmically through much of their latest album 'The King Of Limbs', fleshing out the songs into something all the more powerful than they seemed on record.

The group had returned to Britain in Manchester on Saturday night (October 6, 2012) and chopped their set list a little from that night, taking out 'Paranoid Android' and 'Planet Telex', though including 'Kid A' and '15 Step'. The group finished with 'Everything In Its Right Place', leading into it with a rendition of REM's 'The One I Love'.