Radiohead have announced that their long-awaited new album will be with us in just two days’ time, as well as releasing a music video for another new track, ‘Daydreaming’.

The Oxford five-piece’s ninth studio album - as yet untitled - will be released digitally this Sunday, May 8th, at 2pm with a physical release across all other formats coming on June 17th.

On Friday afternoon (May 6th), the band also released a haunting video directed by film-maker Paul Thomas Anderson that is, musically and visually, pretty much the total opposite of previously released track ‘Burn The Witch’ that they dropped earlier this week.

RadioheadRadiohead are to release their ninth album on Sunday (May 8th)

In it, lead singer Thom Yorke is seen walking down a maze-like series of interconnected corridors and locations, such as a parking lot, a hospital and a beach that leads him eventually to a cave. Using ambient backdrops courtesy of the increasingly classically-informed Jonny Greenwood, it is much calmer than ‘Burn The Witch’.

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In the weeks leading up to this announcement, Radiohead had been teasing fans online with minute details of what the record might entail, as they have been wont to do with their albums for quite some time.

Back in 2007, they announced that their album In Rainbows would be available via a ‘pay what you like’ method online having unveiled details about it just days before. For their next album, 2011’s The King of Limbs, the notice period was even shorter.

Yorke also did a similar thing with his most recent solo album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, which he released via a paid-for BitTorrent bundle in September 2014.

This time round, Radiohead formed a company called Dawn Chorus LLP – as they had done for their last two albums – and distributed a mysterious leaflet through the mail to selected fans. They then deleted pretty much their entire social media presence from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus before whiting out their official website. On Tuesday, two short videos appeared via Instagram that turned out to be excerpts from 'Burn The Witch'.

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