Oprah Winfrey is an expert in conflict resolution – and she’ll need every last bit of those skills to win back former co-star Rae Dawn Chong. The actress starred with Oprah in The Color Purple and apparently, everything was fine while the two were working together. But once she moved on to Commando, O’s attitude apparently changed and so did Rae Dawn Chong. The actress has been hanging on to so much resentment that she let it all go in one massive rant… and it certainly wasn’t pretty. Chong claimed that Oprah was a self-centered fat "biotch" who would have been a "field n**ger" back in the slave days.”

Oprah Winfrey, Harvard
The Forbes billionaire was slammed by a former colleague.

Chong, who is black herself, unleashed the torrent of anger on "Matty P's Radio Happy Hour" – and she didn’t stop at the slur either. She explained: "I starred in Commando. And she just wasn’t having me. She’s competitive. She didn’t like me. She just wasn’t having me."

The rant went on like that for several minutes, featuring nastiness like: "She's so enormously insecure. If you wanna distill Oprah Winfrey down to like her most basic components. She wants to be beautiful."

Oprah Winfrey, Essence Black Women In Hollywood Luncheon
Oprah's career, her ambitions, even her hair - nothing was left untouched by the rant.

Apparently realizing that she’d taken a step too far with her slavery comment, Chong posted a video response earlier today, trying to explain away the comments. Chong explicitly stated that she apologises for and completely regrets the comments, but that she was, in fact, taken out of context. She urged visitors of the website to take a minute and hear the interview in its entirety, in order to understand that she was actually “complimenting” O.

Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream Premiere
O hasn't commented on the slam yet.