Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones did a fantastic job of making a success out of the 'Men in Black' series. Originally kicking off in 1997, the pair played two agents tasked with keeping the Earth safe from villainous extra-terrestrials, and saw such love for their performances and the first film, that two sequels were spawned.

Rafe Spall has bagged a role in the upcoming 'Men in Black' spinoffRafe Spall has bagged a role in the upcoming 'Men in Black' spinoff

Following the release of 'Men in Black 3' in 2012, everything went a little quiet, but it recently came out that Sony were working on a spinoff for the successful franchise. Chris Hemsworth would be leading the charge in the new film, starring alongside Kumail Nanjiani, with both working under the watchful eye of confirmed director, F. Gary Grey.

Now, another big name has been linked to the movie. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Rafe Spall will be swapping the dinosaurs of 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' for an unspecified role in the new 'Men in Black' offering. He's not the only new addition, with dancing twins Larry and Laurent Nicolas Bourgeois also signing up to appear.

Exactly what each of them will be doing in front of the cameras for the movie remains to be seen. The leading agent roles have been snapped up, so it could be that Spall is continuing his streak of being the bad guy. In a world as complex as the one offered up in 'Men in Black' however, making any presumptuous guesses would only prove foolish.

There's no word yet on when production will officially start on the film. It was originally supposed to have kicked off by now, with filming on location underway, but with the delay, we imagine it's going to be some time before we see 'Men in Black' on the big screen once more. Hopefully, the spinoff will be worth the wait.

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We'll bring you more news on the upcoming 'Men in Black' spinoff as and when we get it.