As the end of The Office is nigh, it was expected that various spinoff shows would be tried and tested. The idea that got farthest is The Farm which even had a pilot made. The Farm would have followed Rainn Wilson's character Dwight Schrute, who was the American equivalent of Gareth from the UK version of the comedy, with a setting of a bed and breakfast run by Schrute.

Despite the filming of the pilot, Wilson has now confirmed via Twitter that the show will not be taken any further. "Farm Update: NBC has passed on moving forward with The Farm TV show. Had a blast making the pilot - onwards & upwards!" He said, adding "PS Keep watching the AWESOME final season of The Office. Many surprises & hilariousities coming!" NBC have not yet confirmed this cancellation, but there's no reason an actor would downplay his own comedy series. Luckily, fans will still get to see the pilot as it is reportedly set to be aired alongside the current and final season of The Office. It was also going to star Majandra Delfino who played Dwight's sister Frannie, and Thomas Middleditch who was playing his brother. 

Other shows that have been cancelled include Anderson Live! But many more shows have been re-contracted including Elementary, Vegas, Homeland, X-Factor and Arrow.