With his first directing/acting roles in the William Shakespeare adaptation Coriolanus; Ralph Fiennes now repeats his efforts with The Invisible Woman. The film's dual time-lined narrative explores Felicity Jones' character Nelly Ternen, the true tale of her past relationship with the most renowned writer of all time; CHARLES DICKENS

The role of such a literary giant is one that even the most experienced actor would have to think twice about, Fiennes admits, "I was undecided for a long time.Until after quite a few months of working on it, I felt, despite knowing it would be very difficult, that I couldn't resist playing him." Working as both director and lead actor on the film meant Fiennes had to juggle many hierarchical roles on the set, as characteristic he shared with the man he was playing:  "In a funny way that probably helped me because it was very Dickens to be organising people and doing everything. He was in control of everything."

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The story reveals Nelly Terten, a mother and school-teacher plagued by her past relationship with the highly acknowledged writer; Charles Dickens. The film infiltrates their lives, and how their first encounter sparked a secret whirlwind of adultery and ultimately divorce to his wife Catherine. 

The role of Terten played by Felicity Jones was cast before Fiennes decided to take up the role of the writer. The Birmingham born actress has remained quite low-key in the acting world, although her recent performance opposite Guy Pearce in Breathe In allowed for many heads to be turned, and she was chosen to play the part before the role of Dickens was confirmed. 

The Film is to be released in England, February 7th 2014.

Ralph Fiennes - The U.K. premiere of 'The Invisible Woman'Ralph Fiennes stars as Charles Dickens in The Invisible Woman