Cult German rockers Rammstein have vowed never to let their home country's fascist past affect their music - insisting they can't be held responsible for the actions of previous generations.

The ICH WILL hitmakers are frequently misunderstood by fellow Germans and insist fear of being associated with infamous dictator Adolf Hitler is to blame.

Guitarist OLIVER RIEDEL says, "I would have to say Germany is the country that most often misunderstands us.

"Germans are repressed in a lot of ways. They feel a sense of shame about what happened in the war.

"This means a lot of bands and a lot of people are quite cowardly in what they do and what they say. So they'll pick up on the fact that our singer rolls his R's and say that he's imitating Hitler and that we're Nazis.

"This is nonsense but it is the way a lot of people in our country think. We are not responsible for what our fathers and grandfathers did. It was not our fault. We have no blood on our hands."