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Be Kind: Songs To Inspire Compassion In A World Of Conflict [Playlist]

Black Eyed Peas Randy Newman The Hollies Bob Marley Sir Paul McCartney John Lennon Bob Dylan

It's amazing that we can live in a world that produces trending hashtags like #BeKind and #AllLivesMatter one minute, and then expresses outrage at an "invasion" of desperate migrants in dinghies the next. It's astounding that we are still fighting for equal rights for black people in 2020. And it's frankly incredible that everyday people are at each others throats about wearing face masks when people are still dying everyday from Covid-19. 

It's time that we all took a look at ourselves and made the decision to be the best, most compassionate version of ourselves that we can be. Let our Be Kind playlist inspire you to be a friend to everyone.

1. You've Got A Friend In Me - Randy Newman

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Bill De Blasio Sings 'I Love L.A.' On Jimmy Kimmel Live After Losing Bet

Jimmy Kimmel Bill de Blasio Randy Newman

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was forced to settle a bet on Monday night (17th June) after he wagered Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti the New York Rangers would beat the L.A. Kings in the Stanley Cup Final. Evidently they didn't, as the Kings won 3-2 in the final of the hockey league, and de Blasio was forced to sing 'I Love L.A.' live on national television. 

Bill de Blasio
Bill de Blasio sang 'I Love L.A.' on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Noel Gallagher Slags Off One Direction At Ivor Novello Awards, (Takes Home A Gong)

Noel Gallagher One Direction Ivor Novello Awards Emeli Sande Randy Newman

"I come to the Ivor Novellos because One Direction aren't invited," said Noel Gallagher at this years Ivor Novello Awards, as the mouthy Mancunian commended the awards show for it's exclusivity and celebration of more obscure artists.

Among these often overlooked artists being recognised at Thursday's (May 16) event were three-time BRIT winning singer Emeli Sandé, who won two awards, Mercury Award winning act Alt-J, the multi-Oscar winning/nominated Randy Newman, and the multi-VMA and Grammy award winning Calvin Harris. Noel also picked up an award too, taking home the Outstanding Song Collection gong.

Speaking to NME on the red carpet just prior to the show, the former Oasis singer/guitarist said the reason he came to the awards show was "Because clowns like One Direction aren't invited, so it must be a good one" (and maybe the promise of an award would have enticed him in).

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Dave Grohl Introduces Rush To 'Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame'

Rush Dave Grohl Randy Newman Public Enemy

Rush were the undoubted highlight of last night’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction at the Nokia theatre. Having been waiting for this moment since 1998, the band was finally invited in to the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by way of people power. For the first time, USA Today reports, fans were invited to cast their vote on who should be inducted and Rush won, hands down.

The band was introduced by an incredibly enthusiastic Dave Grohl – frontman of Foo Fighters and former drummer for Nirvana. “From day one, the band built its following the right way,” said Grohl. “No hype, no (baloney), they did it from the ground up without any help from the mainstream press…Their influence is undeniable and their devoted fan base is only rivaled by the Grateful Dead. Look at you people, all of you people, right here! And their legacy is that of a band that stayed true to themselves no matter how uncool they may have seemed to anyone.” The band’s singer and bass player Geddy Lee thanked their fans for getting them into the Hal of Fame, saying “the most passionate, incredible fan base around the globe …for not only supporting and encouraging our musical progress over the years, but for the insistence of their voices, which has most certainly led us to this evening."

Other highlights from the evening include a performance of I Love LA from Randy Newman and a riotous medley of Bring The Noise, 911 Is A Joke and Fight the Power. 

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Don Henley and Randy Newman - 28th Annual Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Press Room - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 18th April 2013

Don Henley and Randy Newman

First Time Hall Of Fame Success For Canadian Rockers Rush

Rush Public Enemy Heart Donna Summer Randy Newman

It’s taken a while but at last, the work of those hard-lobbying Rush fans has paid off and the band have got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the very first year that they’ve found themselves on the ballot.

The Canadian rock band will be joined by fellow first-timers Public Enemy, The Star Tribune reports, as well as Heart, the late Donna Summer, Randy Newman and Albert King. There will also be two non-performing honorees, in the form of producer Quincy Jones and label executive Lou Adler.

It looks as though the fervent effort of Rush’s dedicated fans has finally charmed the Hall of Fame’s voting panel; so much so that they ushered them through on their first time onto the ballot. However, the fact that Rush have been included, whilst other hard rock heroes such as Kiss and Deep Purple are still left out in the cold will not have gone done well in many quarters. Rush also beat a number of artists who did make the ballot, who are considered to be influential artists in their own genre, including Kraftwerk, Chic and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.

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Rush, Randy Newman, Public Enemy, Donna Summer, Heart And Albert King Are All In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Public Enemy Rush Randy Newman Donna Summer Heart Albert King

The latest Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees look, as ever, like a who's who of cultural icons. Canadian progressive-rock trio Rush make their long awaited entry, while Public Enemy - with their recent renaissance - are rewarded for their incalculable inspiration to rap music, black culture and equality, Entertainment Weekly reports. 

"We are thrilled to announce this year's class of inductees, which again represents the broad, compelling and significant definition of rock and roll," Joel Peresman, president and chief executive of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, said in a statement Tuesday. Elsewhere, Donna Summer, Heart and Albert King were also honoured by Rock n Roll Hall of Fame recognition. Acts that made the final ballot but did not make the cut for induction this year were the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Chic, Deep Purple, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Kraftwerk, the Marvelettes, the Meters, Procol Harum and N.W.A.

Rush fans may have to backtrack somewhat, especially the ones that claimed, "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has no credibility until Rush is inducted". Another act who may want to play nice is Randy Newman who jokingly told The Times in 1995 that his absence from the Rock Hall's roster of inductees made it "a Hall of Shame." Now that he's in, however, Newman said, "It's a great honor. I'm very happy about it," and "I'd like to thank the people who have supported me for all these years." 

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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: Public Enemy Head Eclectic List Of Nominees

Public Enemy Deep Purple Rush Kraftwerk Joan Jett Donna Summer Heart Randy Newman Chic

Public Enemy may not be the first band that you think of when you think of the phrase ‘rock n roll’ but the ground-breaking hip-hop group have been nominated as one of 2013’s potential inductees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Joel Peresman, the president and chief executive of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame spoke about the variety of this year’s list of nominees. “The definition of 'rock and roll' means different things to different people,” said Peresman, “but as broad as the classifications may be, they all share a common love of the music. This year we again proudly put forth a fantastic array of groups and artists that span the entire genre that is 'rock and roll.

Public Enemy are amongst a sub-group of nominees that are elected for the first time. Joining them are Deep Purple, Motown band The Marvelettes, NWA and Rush, amongst others. Returning candidates include Kraftwerk, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Donna Summer, Heart and Randy Newman. Donna Summer has been on the list five times before, though this is the first time since her death, this summer. Fellow disco pioneers Chic have been on the ballot six times previously, as well.

The final decision on who gets to enter the hallowed Hall of Fame is decided by a group of 600 members of the music industry, including musicians and music historians. Once the decision is made, the entries will be honored at a ceremony in Los Angeles on April 18, 2013.

“I’m Dreaming Of A White President.” Randy Newman Releases Satirical US Election Song

Randy Newman Barack Obama

Randy Newman has waded into the US election debate, with his own satirical song. Newman, who is openly supporting the current president, Barack Obama, has taken the risky approach of writing a song containing the refrain “I’m dreaming of a white president.” Randy Newman’s ‘I’m Dreaming’ is intended to be tongue in cheek, of course, but even so, it’s a bold move from the 68 year-old songwriter. In an article from Wall Street Journal, Newman explains that he believes racism to be the “great issue” of the United States of America.

He feels that the sentiment of the song – which tells the story of someone wanting to vote in a president because they are white – is a prevalent sentiment in the country, even if people are reluctant to admit it. “I don't know how many people you can get to admit it. I think maybe zero." Newman has released the track as a free download and is encouraging his fans to donate to the United Negro College Fund. Other lyrics from the song include “He won't be the brightest, perhaps, but he'll be the whitest, and I'll vote for that.” Randy has defended the tone of the sing, by saying “It's delicate enough that I'm not going to offend people every which way, but I wanted to get it right as best I could.”

It’s not all negativity from Newman, though. He’s proud of how far America has come in terms of race relations and is proud of the fact that they have a black president, saying “No European country would have elected a black man," he said. "I can't believe it happened. I think it's fantastic, like a step on the moon.”

Randy Newman and Neil Diamond - Randy Newman; Neil Diamond Friday 10th August 2012 Neil Diamond is honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, held on Hollywood Boulevard

Randy Newman and Neil Diamond
Randy Newman

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