Randy Quaid and his wife EVI are suing their former lawyer, accusing him of "gossip mongering" by allegedly running stories about them on his website.
In a lawsuit, the Brokeback Mountain star and his wife claim they hired attorney Lloyd Braun to negotiate business deals for the actor.
The Quaids allege he became a close family friend but eventually betrayed them by posting photos and information about them on his entertainment website.
But a lawyer for Braun has dismissed their accusations, telling TMZ.com, "The alleged facts are palpably untrue. Lloyd Braun hasn't represented these people for more than a decade and the files were turned over to other entertainment lawyers when Lloyd left the practice of law."
Quaid and his wife are currently in the middle of a legal battle over an unpaid $10,000 (£6,250) hotel bill, and have been accused of burglary and defrauding an innkeeper.
They have had a number of warrants issued for their arrest over past court no-shows.