American actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi Quaid have forfeited $1 million in bail bonds after failing to show up for their latest court date, less than a month after they missed their previous hearing, reports the New York Post.
The couple, who were scheduled to appear in court on charges of felony burglary, failed to attend the hearing in Santa Barbara California yesterday (16th November 2010). They were previously scheduled to appear in court on October 18th 2010 on the same charges, and after failing to attend, the judge issued a warrant for their arrest. The Quaids have been the subject of much media attention in recent months due to their strange behaviour. After initially being arrested for 'squatting' in a home that did not belong to them, the couple claimed they were the next intended victims on a 'Hollywood death list', which, they say, had already caused the deaths of Heather Ledger, Chris Penn, and David Carradine.
The couple's lawyer, Bob Sanger, told the judge yesterday that the Quaids had not appeared because Randy's passport had been confiscated by Canadian authorities after he attempted to claim asylum there. Warrants for the couple's arrest are still in effect, and Judge Donna Geck said that the $500,000 bail bonds placed on both individuals had now been forfeited