The couple was taken into custody after attempting to enter the U.S. from Canada, where the Quaids have sought refuge since fleeing from trespassing and vandalism counts in California in 2010.

Evi, whose father is Canadian, was granted citizenship, while the Brokeback Mountain star's status has been in limbo since he was denied permanent residency by Canadian immigration officials in 2012. He was due to be deported back to California on Wednesday (14Oct15) following an arrest in Montreal last week (06Oct15), but ended up in jail over the weekend (09-11Oct15) after crossing the border from Quebec to Vermont.

The Quaids appeared in court during separate arraignment hearings on Monday (12Oct15), when Evi pleaded not guilty. Her lawyer Lisa Shelkrot attempted to reduce her client's bail, but Vermont Superior Court Judge Thomas Walsh decided to leave the figure as it is.

Meanwhile, Randy, who is facing five-year-old charges of vandalism, unauthorised entry into a dwelling and failure to appear in court, had his arraignment postponed as prosecutors awaited extradition documents from California authorities.

He also lost a bid to have his bond lowered, with Judge Alison Arms telling the embattled star, "I don't disagree with you that $500,000 is high bail. However, this court is considering the fact that this warrant was issued almost exactly five years ago and that Mr. Quaid has been in Canada that entire time."

Prosecutors have been given until Thursday (15Oct15) to produce the required documents to have the 65 year old remanded in custody ahead of extradition.

The latest news emerges days after Randy insisted he was willing to return to his homeland to face the consequences of the trespassing charges.

"I'm perfectly willing to face all that stuff...," he explained to The Associated Press. "I would like to have the issues in Santa Barbara resolved so I can move on with my life."