The couple was arrested last week (ends09Oct15) after entering the U.S. from Canada, where the Quaids have sought refuge since fleeing from trespassing and vandalism counts in California in 2010.

Evi, whose father is Canadian, won citizenship, but the Independence Day actor was denied permanent residency and had been set for deportation back to California at the time of their Vermont arrest.

Evi pleaded not guilty to the fugitive charge on Monday (12Oct15), while Randy was ordered to return to court on Thursday (15Oct15).

During the latest hearing, Judge Alison Arms initially agreed to reduce both suspects' bail from $500,000 (£312,500) to $50,000 (£31,250). However, after taking a brief recess to review paperwork submitted by Californian authorities, the judge determined there was no legal basis for the Quaids to remain behind bars in Vermont and they were subsequently allowed to walk free without any restrictions.

The news is a setback for Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley, who had been seeking to have the Quaids extradited to face prosecution for five-year-old charges of vandalism, unauthorised entry into a dwelling and failure to appear in court.

Randy, 65, is planning to remain in Vermont for the time being to help care for Evi's ailing dad, but he recently insisted he was ready to face the consequences of the trespassing charges.

"I'm perfectly willing to face all that stuff...," he explained to The Associated Press. "I would like to have the issues in Santa Barbara resolved so I can move on with my life."