Officials at the Chittenden County Correctional Facility in Vermont have launched an investigation into the alleged spat between two inmates, which occurred on Sunday (11Oct15).

Facility spokesman Mike Touchette has confirmed there was no physical interaction between Evi Quaid and the other woman, who has been named as Veronica Lewis, but confirms to that the actor's wife allegedly had faeces tossed into her cell via a food chute.

Quaid, 52, is currently being held on $500,000 (£312,500) bail following her arrest in Vermont on Friday (09Oct15).

She was detained along with her actor husband after trying to cross the border from Canada into the U.S. The couple fled their native U.S. in 2010, and Evi was granted Canadian citzenship but Randy was denied permanent residency by officials in 2012.

Before the couple was captured in Vermont, the Independence Day star had been due to be extradited back to the U.S. to face charges in Santa Barbara, California over allegations the couple was caught squatting at a house there.