The actor Randy Quaid and his wife EVI QUAID have been arrested in Vancouver, Canada, after they failed to appear in a Californian court on burglary charges. However, 60-year-old Quaid has asked Canadian authorities for asylum, claiming he and his wife are on a Hollywood 'death list', reports the UK's Daily Mirror.
EVI QUAID told officials at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, "We feel our lives are in danger. Randy has known eight close friends murdered in odd, strange manners. We feel that we're next", and the pair's lawyer backed up their claims, saying, "Yes, we are seeking asylum from Hollywood star whackers". The couple's erratic behaviour has been well documented as of late and just last month they were caught allegedly squatting in a house that they used to own, claiming they were still the proprietors of the property. In 2009, they were accused of fraud after running up a $10,000 hotel bill.
The pair have been released on bail pending a hearing with the Canadian authorities, and private investigator Becky Altringer said, "My impression of them when I was working for them is that they were both really lost".