Randy Travis’s struggle to recover after a stroke continues, and there are very few encouraging developments to report. The country star is still in a critical condition at a Nashville Tennessee hospital. His doctors report that Randy is heavily sedated, and has remained so since the emergency brain surgery he underwent after suffering a stroke.

Randy Travis, Letterman
Randy's condition hasn't improved much since Wednesday.

The singer has been hospitalized since Sunday, when he was signed in with congestive heart failure, due to a viral infection. While Travis was recovering from his heart problems, he suffered a stroke on Wednesday night. The professionals at The Heart Hospital Baylor Plano were quick to react and Travis went under the knife for an operation to relieve the pressure on his brain. Unfortunately, while the operation had the desired effect, the 54-year-old singer remains in critical condition.

Randy Travis, CMA Music Festival
Even after a successful operation, strokes have a notoriously long and difficult recovery period.

While the singer definitely isn’t out of the woods yet, hospital officials report that he is resting comfortably. His friends and family continue to urge Randy’s fans to pray for his speedy recovery. Throughout his hospital stay, Travis has been surrounded by his loved ones and he even received a visit from George Jones' widow, Nancy, who played music for her late husband's longtime friend. Fans and colleagues also continue to pool their support for the singer on Twitter, using the hashtag #PrayforRandy.

Randy Travis, CMA
Randy continues to be in everyone's thoughts.