After a year of hell, Randy Travis wants to make things right in 2013 and the first thing he wants to get sorted out in his newly leased life is his ongoing troubles with the bottle.

The Grammy-winning country star is currently in the throws of making two albums back-to-back and on top of this he want to put his drinking problems behind him too, something that he is currently working on. According to TMZ, the singer is searching high and low for treatment for his alcohol dependancy, despite swearing off drink, following his naked DUI last year.

According to his manager, Larry Friedman, though, Randy hasn't fallen off the wagon yet, he is simply looking for a little assistance as he makes his leap over the hump towards full-time sobriety. According to Friedman, Randy is noticing significant improvements in his health and has no plans on getting back on the bottle, but as he enters the stressful atmosphere of the studio he is looking for help to maintain his newfound sobriety.

For those who don't quite remember, Travis was involved in four separate, drinking-related incidents last year, beginning in February and ending in September. On February 6, 2012 Travis was arrested for public intoxication, while sitting in his car at a Baptist church in Sanger, Texas, for which he received a fine and was put on probation. On August 7, police found Travis naked and smelling of alcohol whilst laying in the middle of the road in an Austin, Texas suburb, following Travis' crash into a construction zone, after which he repeatedly threatened police officers. This came after an incident that happened earlier that day, in which Randy walked into a local convenience store completely nude and demanding cigarettes. After this, Travis was charged with simple assault after a scuffle with a man in a church car park and said to be "extremely intoxicated" when apprehended, an incident, in which he claims he was acting on behalf of his girlfriend who was being hassled by the man: her ex-husband, on August 24. Finally, on August 25, police found a wrecked and abandoned pickup truck registered to Travis in a field in Frisco, Texas, although he has yet to face charges on this instant.