The mother of the late Ray Charles' teenage son has spoken to a California court regarding child support payments from his leftover estate. Mary Anne Den Bok wishes for the current 3 thousand USD per month payments to be increased to 60 thousand USD; she put forward the petition on Tuesday 10th August 2004. 

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The plea proclaimed that money form Charles' estate should be used to ensure that 16-year-old Corey Robinson Den Bok continues "the lifestyle he enjoyed" before his father passed away. While Den Bok believes she is entitled to 60 thousand USD, she thinks that 240,800 USD every month would be more suitable. A decision is due to be made with a hearing set to take place on 27th September 2004 at Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Ray Charles was 73-years-old at the time of his death from acute liver disease at his Californian Beverly Hills home. Over those 73 years, Charles fathers 12 children, and left behind an estate worth 100 million USD. According to Den Bok, Charles was not paying any of his child support payments for around 18 months leading up to December 2003. 

De Bok claims that over this course of time, she moved to a rental property which she didn't know contained toxic mould. This led to her developing health problems and therefore was unable to work and lost her income. Without income, De Bok was unable to pay for her son's school tuition and wishes to never have to worry about that happening again.