Rapper Ray J, real name, real name William Jay Norwoord Jr., was apprehended by police at an upscale Beverly Hills hotel this Friday, TMZ reports. The rapper was reportedly causing an undefined “disturbance” at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and police were called on the scene.

Ray J
Usually cool and composed, Ray J clearly lost his temper during Friday evening's altercation.

When the officers arrived, however, Ray J was not keen to go quietly. In fact, two of his four charges were reportedly incurred, while the rapper was vehemently resisting the officers trying to arrest him. It really wasn't the smartest move i

According to TMZ, he was first asked to leave by hotel staff, but refused to do so. When the police arrived and took him into the back of the cop car, Ray J allegedly kicked out a window. But that’s not all. Before being taken into custody, Ray J was reportedly questioned along with an unidentified woman. The woman is yet to be named.

Ray J
The rapper is now being charged on four separate counts, two of which he incurred during his arrest.

All that resistance definitely didn’t help matters for the troubled rapper. Right now, he is being booked by Bev Hills PD for trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest, and battery, having incurred the latter charge by spitting on a police officer. Ouch. That must have been one tough arrest. More on this as the story unfolds. 

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Ray J
Stay tuned - this probably isn't the end of the story.