Ray Winstone felt like the ''granddaddy'' on the set of his latest film 'The Gunman'.

The 57-year-old actor appears alongside Sean Penn, 54, and Idris Elba, 42, in the new action thriller, but confessed he's too old to go on any crazy nights out with his co-stars.

Asked at the world premiere in London last night (16.02.15) whether he planned to take his showbiz pals out partying, Winstone said: ''I'm a bit old for all that now.

''About 20 years ago, yeah, they would have been out. They'd have been spark out. But, you know, I go home to me coffee, watch a bit of TV and then to bed.''

Winstone said he and his Hollywood friends would have a great time together, but as the film's elder statesman, it's not his place to arrange parties.

He added: ''I'm the old one - I'm the granddaddy!''

Winstone also revealed how much he loved working and learning from Sean Penn, who he described as a ''master''.

The London-born actor shared: ''It's great when you go to work and you learn something. Also, just being around someone like him, you're in very capable hands and you watch a master at work.''