Here it is – your Real Housewives of New Jersey recap. Just what you needed on a Monday morning or what? Last night’s episode was really an eventful one. The episodes are pre-filmed, so as the ladies reached the end of their holiday, there was no acknowledgement of Teresa Giudice’s sentence from last Thursday. Teresa and her husband have been convicted of financial and mail fraud and will serve their respective sentences in succession, so that there will always be one parent with their children. But with this information in mind, watching the couple’s family life took on a whole new meaning.

Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice
Teresa and Joe's family scenes took on a whole new meaning after their sentences from last week.

Meanwhile, the boys – aka Jim and Bobby – had it out for what seemed like the 100th time. Accusations of infidelity were thrown around and the fight got so heated, that Amber felt she had to comment on the situation.

"You can tell this man's been to war cause even social relationships are a battle," she said.

The rest of the episode didn’t go any easier either. With the Victoria Gotti rumour finally out (yeah, Jim spilled the beans). Amber took on the role of peacemaker, taking her husband upstairs to calm him down.

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Teresa was the one left angry and demanding an explanation, believing that the girls were speaking about her behind her back. Teresa went to Dina, accusing her of not spreading the news, even though the latter came straight to her with. Was it just for dramatic effect or did Teresa actually have something else in mind? We may never know.