Nicole Westbrook’s ‘It’s Thanksgiving’ song has received over 3 million hits on YouTube since it was posted on November 7, 2012. Westbrook is the latest protégé of Patrice Wilson, the man behind Rebecca Friday’s ridiculously-bad-but-ridiculously-successful viral hit 'Friday'.

Essentially Wilson has used the same hook, basically the same lyrics, and the same cringe-worthy video as Friday for his latest track. He’s operating a conveyer belt of bad, bad music, designed specifically to make people like us write about it and people like you listen to it. So where do we start? Well, Westbrook is singing about her anticipation for Thanksgiving, With the turkey (ey!) And mashed potatoes (ey!)We we we are gonna have a good time. Yes those are actual lyrics from the actual song. She even sings with a vegetable instead of a microphone. In a segment lifted straight from 'Friday' (Yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is Saturday), Westbrook crucially tells us “December was Christmas, January was New Year’s, April was Easter, And the Fourth of July, but now it’s Thanksgiving.” Thanks Nicole! Speaking to ABC News about the inevitable comparisons with Rebecca Black, the young singer explained, “Patrice had told me it was so hard for her [Black] because she gave into all the negative feedback…I’m just not like that. I’m staying as far away from that as I can. I’m at a good age and know what I should and shouldn’t read. They’re entitled to their own opinions.” Yes we are, yes we are.

You can form your own opinion of Nicole Westbrook’s ‘It’s Thanksgiving’ song below: