Rebecca Black, the 14-year-old YouTube sensation who was universally mocked for her heavily auto-tuned song 'Friday', is returning with her second single 'My Moment'. Black is also to be putting the finishing touches to a five-song track EP, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
Rebecca's new single will debut on the singer's YouTube channel at 8pm on 18th July 2011. She will be hoping the song receives considerably higher praise than her last effort - after going viral, the video for 'Friday' received over 1 million 'dislikes with some commentators joking it was the "worst song" of all time. Written by Brandon Hamilton and produced by Hilary Duff producer Charlton Bettus , My Moment' will become available for purchase on iTunes on the 19th July 2011. The video for the track features Black receiving an award at her high-school and attending numerous red-carpet events. The single will be followed by a currently untitled five-track EP, which Black is choosing to self-release in August, shunning the traditional method of signing up with a label.
Recently, Rebecca Black teamed up with Katy Perry for the pop star's 'Last Friday Night' video. 'Friday' was also performed by the cast of Glee on the 'Prom Queen' episode of the comedy-musical in May 2011.