Rebecca Ferguson won't call her kids when she's on tour.

The 28-year-old singer - who has Lillie May, 10, Karl, nine, and five-month-old Arabella from past relationships - tries not to go too long without seeing her children when she's on the road but finds it too upsetting only speaking to them on the phone.

She said: ''If I am touring throughout the week, they sometimes join me on the weekends, so I don't go too long without seeing them.

''I try not to call them when I'm away because it just upsets me more, it's like a reminder of me not being there.

''I'm never apart from them for longer than a week though.''

Despite juggling her busy career and three children, Rebecca hasn't ruled out having more kids in the future.

She said: ''If I got married one day and settled down, I would love to have more children.

''But I'm also aware of how much it takes out of your body. Since having Arabella, I've realised how much harder it can be when you're older.''

However, the former 'X Factor' star is currently single and isn't interested in embarking on a new romance.

She told Closer magazine: ''I am not dating and, in fact, I'm not interested in men at all.

''I want to go out with my friends and have a laugh. It's funny, you always attract men when you don't want them - you'll go out and they'll want your number while you're left thinking, 'Where were you when I wanted a boyfriend?' ''