Rebecca Ferguson has hit out at music bosses for "bullying and blackmailing" her.

The 34-year-old singer/songwriter - who first found fame on 'The X Factor' in 2010 - claims her music was blocked in America because she "offended a music boss" and says she was cruelly treated, robbed and forced to sign contracts.

She wrote on Twitter: "OMG! how sweet and innocent was I, how could anybody be cruel I am looking back and baffled at how I have been treated in this industry How could you do that to a kid

"I am not even being silent anymore, You forced me to sign contracts, blackmailed me, bullied me, robbed me, I am not even being scared anymore I have looked back and I am disgusted in how you all treated an innocent young woman! who just wanted to sing! shame on you!

"Up until 3 years ago, my music was blocked In the U.S because I offended a music boss!! what type of man would bully a young innocent girl? I had to request for the ban to be lifted! (sic)"

However, Rebecca went on to say that although she is heartbroken for her younger self, she is now in a good place and has a great team around her.

She said: "Sorry for the rant, I am in a good place now thankfully! I was looking back tonight at my old videos and it brought up so many emotions and it broke my heart seeing how crushed I was and what they did to me, and I can't believe people stood back and allowed that to happen to an innocent woman who just wanted to sing,. I am heartbroken for the younger me who had to go through all of that.

"On a final positive note, I have a great and loving team around me now and I have found happiness which I am really proud of, I overcame and I survived it! and I am proud of myself for that and thankful to my fans and the people that supported me throughout. x

"These people are not as powerful as they used to be, everything they have touched has failed, they are on a sinking ship when the ship sinks which it will! the truth will come out in it's totality! and the universe will balance itself out (sic)."

Lily Allen retweeted some of the tweets and replied with a number of heart emojis and wrote "#solidarity x".