Rebecca Ferguson has been told to be more ''rock and roll''.

The former 'x factor' contestant - who is known for her power ballads - says her label have warned her she needs to be more of a ''diva'' to ensure lasting success in her career.

She told Q magazine: ''I have been told to be more of a diva and more rock and roll but I just like sitting in watching the 'Kardashians'.

''I've even had label people say it, 'Oh Bec, you need to be more of a diva!' And I'm like, 'Really? What do you want me to do?'

''I like living good. I mean I've got faults but as for doing illegal stuff, jail doesn't interest me.''

However, if her music career doesn't work out, entrepreneurial Rebecca has a back-up career plan, fixing boilers.

She said: ''I can fix boilers. In my old houses that I used to live in, sometimes the boilers would break and you'd be waiting days for the plumber and in the end I'd fix them.

''Imagine having Rebecca Ferguson coming round to fix your boiler! I think there's money in that if the next album doesn't do well.''