Rebecca Ferguson has hailed the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise for giving opportunities to women.

The 39-year-old actress reprises her role as MI6 agent Isla Faust in the latest movie in the franchise and is impressed by how director Christopher McQuarrie and leading man Tom Cruise provide material for actresses such as Vanessa Kirby, Hayley Atwell and herself.

Rebecca told IndieWire: "'Mission' is probably the one franchise that knows how to write storylines for women.

"They break things down; there's not a lot of going into detail about what happened. You do not talk about it. There's always reasons why arcs go a certain way. I control my own destiny (as Ilsa), there are reasons why things happen."

The 'Dune' star does not attempt to copy Cruise by performing her own stunts but loves getting the chance to work with the movie icon in the action series.

She explained: "I tend to be running far behind, but I try. Tom is the movie. He represents 'Mission', everything that's good, and thankfully nothing bad has come from it.

"You are offered a palette of knowledge: you learn it and do it and embrace it. You also can choose to say 'no'. They will find a solution around it, you're never forced to do it."

Rebecca recalled how she was supported when she was unable to ride a powerful motorbike at the necessary speed for a scene in the movie.

She said: "It was a 760 Triumph, a big motorbike. I am very strong, but being on one of these on a road in England going fast – the trainer said I was going too slow. 'I need to get off; it's not safe. I don't trust myself.' No worries! They had other options: Jenny (Tinmouth), the best motorcycle bike rider in the world."