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10th May 2011

Quote: "I'm a hundred times more attracted to her now and I love her exponentially more than I did before. It's just great to see her be a mother." Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane has fallen in love with his wife [Rebecca Gayheart] all over again since she became a mum to their baby daughter Billie last year (10).

11th March 2010

Fact: Hollywood couple Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart have named their new daughter Billie Beatrice. The stars welcomed the baby girl on 3 March (10) in Los Angeles.

14th January 2010

Quote: "Daddy's got to work! The baby needs shoes... I've told (creator) SHONDA (RHIMES), 'I will stay here as long as you'll have me.' I owe these guys my career." GREY'S ANATOMY star Eric Dane has no plans to take time off the hit U.S. show after wife Rebecca Gayheart gives birth to the couple's first child in the spring (10).

11th February 2009

Quote: "We're currently working on that... It's funny because you get the doctors involved and they call you and it's like, 'In eight days I have to put in some work,' and I know that for those four days I'll be very busy and I probably shouldn't schedule anything else. (It's) hard work, great if you can get it, though." GREY'S ANATOMY star Eric Dane confirms he and wife Rebecca Gayheart are trying for a baby.

29th August 2007

Quote: "My wife has the best breath on the planet. Morning, night, 10 cups of coffee - she always smells sweet." GREY'S ANATOMY star Eric Dane on his wife Rebecca Gayheart.

20th June 2007

Quote: "Ideally, I think she wants three kids and it's definitely going to happen some time in the future." GREY'S ANATOMY star Eric Dane makes baby plans with actress wife Rebecca Gayheart.

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