Shawn Levy has hinted there could be a fourth 'Night at the Museum' movie.

Although the latest instalment in the series, 'Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb', seems to bring night guard Larry Daley's story to a close, the director has left the door slightly open for another sequel with Rebel Wilson reprising her character Tilly in the lead role.

When asked if there could be a fourth film, Shawn said: ''We do keep getting asked that question. I think, right now, in our minds, this movie brings closure to the franchise and to the characters. I suppose we can't predict the future and we have come to love Tilly, the new night guard, I suppose we'll see what happens next.''

Rebel won't rule out a return as the loud-mouthed British Museum night guard but accepts the decision is out of her hands.

She said: ''It's really a question for Shawn ... I did keep my hat from the movie, just in case they need me again. I paid $650 to keep it.''

Rebel appears in the film with Ben Stiller - who plays Larry - Owen Wilson, Dan Stevens, Sir Ben Kingsley and the late Robin Williams.