Draper James has been named one of the top 25 Direct to Consumer brands in 2020.

The fashion label - founded by actress Reese Witherspoon - was cited by SimilarWeb as one of the companies that ''demonstrate effective marketing strategies that look beyond the crisis and have the potential for long-term growth and profitability''.

Draper James placed sixth in the 2020 quarter two list, after Outer, Cubcoats, Hari Mari, Priority Bicycles and Youth to the People.

Jamie Drayton, lead financial services and e-commerce consultant at SimilarWeb, said: ''Coronavirus continues to be a driving force in smaller brands' ability to grow at the expense of established brands, but it is not the sole reason. To continue growing, d-t-c [direct to consumer] brands need to consider a wide range of variables, from developing personalised offerings to adopting a social justice stance, and more.''

Meanwhile, Reese, 44, previously revealed she created Draper James because she didn't think the fashion industry was catering to southern style.

The actress' clothing line has been immensely popular since she launched it in 2015, and the blonde beauty said she doesn't understand why fashion only caters to those living in places like New York and LA, as there's ''incredible taste'' to be found elsewhere.

She said: ''I don't know why New York and LA have become the places that dictate how everyone else is supposed to live. There's this whole world in-between of people who love style and have incredible taste.

''We create things that remind us of our southern upbringings and want everything we put out there to bring you joy and be something you'll have forever.''

Reese also previously insisted fashion doesn't need to be ''serious'', and said the garments people wear should not make them feel ''bad'' but should leave them feeling like they ''belong''.

Speaking about the industry, she said: ''For me, fashion doesn't have to be serious.

''It doesn't have to make you feel bad. People don't have to be snotty and rude when you go into a store. There are a lot of places in this world where people feel like they don't belong. I want people to feel like they belong.''