On last night's edition of 'Saturday Night Live' guest host Reese Witherspoon led the ‘SNL’ cast as they made some very public apologies to their mothers for for all those times they behaved badly, as well as embarrassing themselves a little in the process. The Hot Pursuit star was hosting the show for the second time in her career, 14 years after her first appearance in 2001.

Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ for the second time.

Introducing her own mother Betty, Reese apologised for a time she said she was going to sleep over at her friend Ashley's house, but was actually going to a hotel with her boyfriend. But proving she always really was a good girl, young Reese ended up feeling so guilty she just went back to Ashley's anyway.

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Pete Davidson’s mom accepted her son’s apology for the time he destroyed her best coat in a home horror movie ketchup accident, saying that’s just what creative kids are bound to do. While although not condoning violence as the answer, Sasheer Zamata’s mom agreed that the second grader who had her glasses broken after a slap in the face totally deserved it.

But the most touching moment came when Kate McKinnon apologised to her mom for being a weird kid who used to pretend to be Mary Jo Buttafuoco and her mother responded by telling her "It's good that you're weird because weird got you here."

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The cast members (including Reese) also suffered some embarrassment as footage of each cast member as a child was played. The clips showed that the 'SNL' bunch were a talented lot from an early age as we saw them performing in school plays and generally acting up for a the cameras, much like they still do today.