Reese Witherspoon's Draper James is being sued over a dress giveaway for teachers.

Back in April, the 44-year-old actress' fashion company Draper James ran a competition to give free dresses to teachers in the US amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The brand stated on Instagram: ''Dear Teachers: We want to say thank you. During quarantine we see you working harder than ever to educate our children. To show our gratitude, Draper James would like to give teachers a free dress.''

According to TMZ, three women are seeking class-action status for their lawsuit after claiming that teachers were expecting a free dress and not entry into a draw for a limited supply.

They allege that it was not made clear that there were only 250 dresses to be given away and they believed all teachers who applied would get a garment.

Draper James' attorney Theane Evangelis told TMZ: ''This lawsuit is an unjust attempt to exploit Draper James' good intentions to honour the teacher community by gifting hundreds of free dresses. The fact that supplies were limited, such that a free dress could not be provided to every teacher who responded, was disclosed and is no basis for a lawsuit.

''Draper James looks forward to defending this case, to continuing its efforts to acknowledge the extraordinary contributions made by teachers during this time of need, and to being vindicated in court.''

Reese said at the time: ''I have been so encouraged by the ways people are really showing up for each other.

''During quarantine, teachers are broadcasting lessons from their own homes and figuring out new remote-learning technology and platforms on the fly, all while continuing to educate and connect with our kids. Advocating for the children is no easy task, so I wanted to show teachers a little extra love right now.''