If yesterday's report from Chicago Sun-Times is to be believed, Seth Meyers looks to be the frontrunner in the race to take over from Regis Philbin on 'Live with Regis and Kelly'. Meyers is currently the favoured option to take over as Kelly Ripa's permanent co-host on the show, though it looks as though he may face a degree of competition from the popular singer Josh Groban.
Sources from the show have revealed that Kelly "loves" Seth Meyers, making him an excellent candidate for the role as it's important to the show's producers that the co-presenters have a positive chemistry working in their favour. Michael Gelman is also said to be a Meyers fan, as well as "everyone else who plays a role in the decision making process," according to an unnamed, but long-time staff member working on 'Live'. If he does take on the role as Kelly's right-hand man, he would need to step down from his current role as Saturday Night Live's head writer. He would most likely be able to continue with his 'Weekend Update' appearances.
Unlike many other Saturday Night Live alumni, Meyers has already stated that he has no ambitions to move into movies and has admitted previously that he has an "incredibly limited range as an actor." So, it looks as though the race is down to Groban and Meyers, with Meyers looking to be the likely candidate, though we wait for a statement from the executives at 'Live'.