After taking a lengthy break from acting, Rene Russo received critical acclaim for her supporting role opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the 2014 thriller 'Nightcrawler,' for which she received the Best Supporting Actress prize at AARP's 14th Annual Movies For Grownups Awards Gala in Beverly Hills, on Monday, (Feb 2nd).

Rene Russo
Russo was very emotional while accpeting the Best Supporting Actress Award

The 60-year-old star, who was clearly shocked when her name was called out, then delivered a heartfelt and emotionally charged acceptance speech that revealed some of the darker times in her life.

"S**t!" she initially said while wiping tears from her eyes. "I have no idea where I am! I'm so sorry. I'm a virgin recipient, I've never won anything in my frickin' life. This is my first award ever - thank you - unless you count my 1999 Best Screen Kiss Blockbuster Award, which I don't think counts."

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Rene's speech then took a not so pleasant trip down memory lane as she recalled a few moments from her teenage years. "I want to thank my 8th grade Spanish teacher. Hola!" she said. "I'll skip some decades here, I know it seems like it'll go on forever, but for navigating me through all those f**ked-up a**hole football players. They called me Jolly Green Giant. You didn't keep me from dropping out of high school, but you did keep me from killing myself."

The former model then gushed about her longtime agent John Crosby, whom she called "one of the great guys in my life." Russo described him as "a kick-ass, cigar-smoking, Scotch-drinking, kilt-wearing, hot-as-hell for a man who has been my manager for nearly half a century. Thank you for making up for my deadbeat dad, and putting me up for every single movie I was sure I wasn't good enough to do."

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Russo wrapped up the lengthy, and rather bizarre, speech by thanking the "greatest love" of her life, husband and Nightcrawler director Dan Gilroy. "You wrote the most kick-ass movie, it was absolutely perfect, and you fit me into it. You're the most amazing director and you direct me with love and compassion and kindness and everything that you are, truly, every day. I just thank you so much, thank you just for everything," she said.