Renee Zellweger has said she enjoyed having her anonymity back during her six year career break from Hollywood. Now back in the spotlight, the Bridget Jones’s Baby star has been revealed what she got up to during her time away, saying that she took the time to do the things she’d always wanted to accomplish.

Renee Zellweger as Bridget JonesRenee Zellweger is back in Bridget Jones’s Baby

Speaking on ITV’s ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, Renee was asked if she was able to be anonymous during her time away from Hollywood. “Yes actually. When you go away and you’re out of people’s consciousness, they stop noticing you,” she said.

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“It’s fantastic, you order your coffee and you get a coffee and leave. It’s really nice because I’d meet people authentically, you’d have authentic conversations on the street and I enjoyed that, that’s something that I had missed.”

Renee said her decision to take a break was because she “just wanted to shift my focus a little bit and keep some promises that I had made to myself a long time ago. There are some things that I wanted to learn and see if I had aptitude for."

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“I wanted to go back to school. I wanted to do things you can't really make time for when you're in the cycle of making films, because if you're not preparing for one, then you're preparing for another,” she added. “I had to just commit to breaking that cycle for a little bit so that I could grow as a person.”

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