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Reverend and The Makers
The State Of Things
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Reverend and The Makers The State Of Things Album

Reverend And The Makers release one Single and everyone seems to be on their backs straight away, for the right reasons?? Who knows? Alleged big mates of Arctic Monkeys it seems that Reverend Of The Makers have been labelled as free riders. Using this one (alleged) fact to help propel their own rise up the charts. If this is to be the case then why were they not one of the support acts at the Arctic Monkeys shows in Manchester? Lets face it they would have been cheaper that Amy Winehouse (although at least she turned up)

With their debut Single Heavyweight Champion Of The World reaching the heights of eight in the charts, Reverend and the Makers are now set to release their debut album The State Of Things.

Naturally there is quite a lot of hype around these guys, from Sheffield, mates of Arctic Monkeys, but does that really mean that will mean you are good as well? There is only one way to find out.

The album kicks off with the title track The State Of Things and instantly this track makes you wonder, is it a must to have an accent on the vocals to get anywhere in the music business nowadays? Other than that this and the next track The Machine are filled with energy and life bursting out.

Naturally the Single Heavy Weight Champion Of The World is in there and to be fair to Reverend Of The Makers they didn’t fall into the trap of banging it on the album as the first track! Not a lot that hasn’t already been said about this really, a real drunken sing-along song really.

Bandits seems like something just lifted straight off any of The Streets albums. Maybe they should of just offered this to Mr Skinner rather than putting it on their own record, because they are just going to be labelled as stealing ideas. Not that this is a bad track it is quite amusing, but would sit far better on The Streets album.

Then later on in the album you get to Sex With The Ex, which is a carbon copy of Despair In The Departure Lounge from Arctic Monkeys EP. A shame really because there are some good songs on this album, and then it gets spoilt with things like this.

The next Single looks set to be He Said He Loved Me, again back to the quick upbeat feel to it. Great track getting people to jump up and down like maniacs. Laura adds a bit of something different by adding her vocals onto the track. A bit mad but not bad all the same. For some reason as you get to the final hurdle of this album it pitters out into nothingness and fades away. Nothing to report here!

It would be easy to review this album in a paragraph, but where is the fun in that? In short and conclusion though The State Of Things is Happy Mondays, Gorillaz, Arctic Monkeys, Streets, Lily Allen, Kate Nash and Ziggy Marley all mixed together. If you like these artists then you might actually like this album. Just don’t take it too serious. Don’t you wish you just read the last paragraph now? (Like you did with the last chapter of the Harry Potter book)

Mark Moore


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