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27th June 2014

Fact: Welsh singer Charlotte Church, rugby legend Gareth Edwards and politician Neil Kinnock have joined Rhys Ifans for a film adaptation of beloved writer Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood. Thomas' 'play for voices', which is set in fictional seaside town Llareggub, was first performed in 1954. Church will portray Polly Garter, while Kinnock and Edwards will make guest appearances.

27th March 2014

Fact: Stereophonics rocker Kelly Jones claims to have landed actor Rhys Ifans for a cameo in his as-yet-untitled film debut after the pair enjoyed a boozy evening together for Welsh holiday St. David's Day. Jones claims he persuaded the film star to read his script the morning after and Ifans liked it and agreed to make an appearance.

13th July 2012

Fact: Actress Anna Friel marked her 36th birthday on Thursday (12Jul12) by enjoying a night out with partner Rhys Ifans in London. The couple visited The Ivy and the Groucho Club, and the Pushing Daisies star clearly enjoyed the celebration - she was pictured wearing a hat shaped like a birthday cake.

11th June 2012

Quote: "Denis and I were kind of the only smokers on set. We would often find each other, me in varying degrees of reptilia and him on the other side of the law - a cop and a lizard sharing a smoke. I thought it would make a great poster - but, no, they didn't go for that." Welsh actor Rhys Ifans bonded with Denis Leary on the set of The Amazing Spider-man over their smoking habit. Ifans plays villain The Lizard, while Leary plays a police officer.

24th May 2012

Quote: "My first masturbatory icon was Debbie Harry from Blondie. I was besotted." Welsh actor Rhys Ifans on his first big crush.

24th May 2012

Quote: "It's never been housewives for me. I like strong, independent women." Actor Rhys Ifans on his penchant for romancing high-profile ladies. He is currently dating actress Anna Friel and has romanced Sienna Miller and Kate Moss.

23rd May 2012

Quote: "We stay in a lot... We like the same things. We laugh a lot. We love music. We don't need to go out to have a really good time." Actor Rhys Ifans on how he and girlfriend Anna Friel stay out of the tabloids.

17th October 2011

Quote: "You spend all night getting to like this girl, and then you're supposed to move on, avoid her and her calls. I just couldn't do it, I'm too soft. I'm a hopeless romantic and very, very old-fashioned. I've never been unfaithful." Notting Hill star Rhys Ifans on his failed attempt to be a ladies' man.

10th March 2011

Fact: Keira Knightley will voice the fairy character Tinkerbell in new Peter Pan adaptation Neverland for Sky Movies. The two-part live action film event stars Rhys Ifans and Anna Friel, who became a couple while shooting the project.

13th January 2011

Fact: Music mogul Alan Mcgee is calling on producers to cast Welsh star Rhys Ifans as himself in a new movie about Creation Records, the British label behind Oasis and Primal Scream.

9th September 2010

Quote: "You can't - you forget your lines! No, the tears were real but the pot wasn't." Rhys Ifans insists he didn't smoke cannabis in preparation to play legendary drug smuggler Howard Marks in the upcoming movie, MR NICE.

18th August 2010

Quote: "I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter but it feels like a privilege to get called up with people like Maggie Smith and Michael Gambon... When you're an actor and you get the call from Harry Potter, it's like getting your stripes. It was great." Welsh actor Rhys Ifans was thrilled to land a role in HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS despite not being a fan of the franchise.

31st March 2010

Quote: "I'm a godfather several times and I have so many mates with children I just wanted to do something where I could bring all these kids in my lives to watch, where I'm not sleeping naked or swearing. It's my present to them." Welsh actor Rhys Ifans on his decision to star in family movie NANNY MCPHEE AND THE BIG BANG.

24th January 2009

Fact: Actor Rhys Ifans' band The Peth will support Oasis on their forthcoming U.K. stadium tour. The band will play at the WONDERWALL rockers' Cardiff Millennium Stadium gig on 12 June (09).

18th August 2008

Fact: THE PETH's actor frontman Rhys Ifans is set to swallow a tiny camera so his intestines can feature in a video for the band's track LET'S GO F**KING MENTAL.

30th May 2008

Quote: "We have this horrible addiction to caviar. We're junkies." British actress Sienna Miller indulges in a pricey treat with fiance Rhys Ifans.

29th May 2008

Quote: "(Rhys Ifans) is the best cook ever. He does these mad dishes that taste completely wonderful, like carrots poached in mandarin juice." Actress Sienna Miller admires her boyfriend's unusual taste in food.

12th December 2007

Quote: "He's a total inspiration. I just kept looking at him and thinking, 'F**k it, if he's still alive, I'm going to keep on partying.'" Rhys Ifans was overawed to meet his hero KEITH RICHARDS.

31st October 2007

Fact: Welsh actor Rhys Ifans thinks flatmate (and rumoured girlfriend) Sienna Miller is a witch - and when he moved into MILLER'S home following the flooding of his houseboat, he thanked the Stardust actress by giving her a white broomstick.

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