Hollywood star Richard Dreyfuss confessed he can't sing or dance, just days before quitting the London stage production of The Producers.

The Jaws actor left the show for supposedly health reasons, after an embarrassing interview on British TV, in which he called on theatregoers to wait until Christmas (04) to watch the production at the West End, because it's not ready yet.

Insiders claimed Dreyfuss was struggling to master the song and dance routines in the show - which has been a massive hit on Broadway.

And the actor himself admitted as much in an interview last week. He said, "Well, I can't (sing or dance). Actually, I sing like a seal and dance like your Uncle Leo at that wedding where he got up and went 'ya, ya, ya'.

"Now, whenever I admit this, there's a co-producer who goes, 'No. No. Don't say that to journalists.' But there's no way for me not to say it because, hey, you're going to ask, right?'

"I told him, 'Look, take out an ad on the front page of each arts section in town and have it say, 'Please don't think you're paying to see Richard Dreyfuss sing and dance because you'll only be p**sed off.'

"When I saw The Producers I didn't jump on my cell phone and say 'I need this part'. What happened was I said to a friend I'd taken to the show, 'Boy, that would be a fun part to do' and someone overheard me."

Dreyfuss will be replaced by NATHAN LANE - who starred alongside MATTHEW BRODERICK in the hugely successful Broadway adaptation - when it opens in the West End next month (NOV04).

19/10/2004 17:18