ITV has decided to cancel tonight’s scheduled episode of fantasy drama 'Jekyll and Hyde', following the devastating terrorist attack which took place in Paris on Friday. The show has previously faced criticism for its high level of violence and pre-watershed airtime of 7pm.

Charlie Higson‘Jekyll and Hyde’ writer Charlie Higson.

On twitter, writer Charlie Higson announced the news that the planned episode would not air this evening (November 15th). ‘Tonight’s episode of Jekyll & Hyde has been postponed in consideration of recent events in Paris,’ the writer tweeted.

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"We are just trying to be sensitive,” he later added. ITV also confirmed the news via twitter writing, ‘In a change of schedule, tonights episode of #JekyllAndHyde has been postponed. The @itvnews will be broadcast at 7.30pm.’ Gameshow ‘The Chase’ will now precede the news at 7pm.

Tonight’s episode of the period drama was set to feature a kidnap being pulled off with the use of a gun, according to the synopsis. There's no word yet on when, if ever, it will air. But the show has previously faced criticism due to its high lack of violence and its pre-watershed timeslot.

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Last month it’s debut episode drew 500 complaints, with some viewers left shocked at the levels of violence and gore. In the episode a man was shown being bludgeoned to death within the first minute. Other scenes showed a man being shot in the stomach, while another featured a man being burned. Episodes of the series made available on the ITV Player come with a 'restricted viewing warning', explaining that some scenes may be scary to younger viewers.