The cast of Pretty Woman were reunited on Tuesday’s edition of the ‘Today’ show, to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary. Stars Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Hector Elizondo and Laura San Giacomo joined director Garry Marshall for a chat with Matt Lauer about how they all came together to make the classic film.

Julia RobertsCan you beleive Julia Roberts starred in Pretty Woman 25 years ago!?

During the interview the cast revealed some secrets about the movie, including that initially Richard Gere wasn’t keen on the part of Edward at all. "The joke was you could put a suit on a goat and it would work,” Gere said of his character in the initial script. “So I didn’t get it.”

But all it took for Gere to get onboard was a meeting with Julia Roberts, who had already signed on to play Vivian, as the two realised they had instant chemistry. “We loved each other immediately, it was a really great thing,” Gere said.

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Roberts finally convinced Gere to take the gig using a very cute persuasion method on the now 65 year old actor. “She’s across the desk and she takes a piece of paper, a Post-it, and she turns it around and she pushes it to me and she says ‘Please say yes,’” Gere revealed. “It was so sweet, and I said, ‘I just said yes.’”

Richard GereRichard Gere, 25 years removed from Pretty Woman

Director Marshall also recalled that the film was originally titled 3,000 and focused more on drug addiction. It was only when the director came along that the film began to resemble what we now remember as Pretty Woman.

The original script also featured a very different ending, which screenwriter J.F. Lawton discussed in detail during an interview with Vanity Fair celebrating the movie’s anniversary. Lawton divulged that Pretty Woman was original conceived as a ‘dark and gritty’ story and that the studio had auditioned Al Pacino and Michele Pfeiffer for the lead roles.

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In the original script Vivian and Edward didn’t end up together. Instead the film concluded with Vivian and Kit on a on a bus bound for Disneyland, ‘with Kit anticipating a fun day financed by Vivian’s week with Edward, as Vivian “stares out emptily ahead,’Vanity Fair writes.

But by the time Julia Roberts and Richard Gere had been officially cast, Lawton didn’t mind giving the film a happier ending. “The chemistry between Roberts and Gere was perfect,” Lawton told the magazine. “The actors brought such a lovability and charm that I didn’t think the audience would want a dark ending, and it didn’t hurt that I am from the school of happy endings.”