If we’re judging on award count alone, Richard Linklater’s Boyhood is the best thing ever. Well, the best movie of 2014 anyway. The movie, which tracks a young boy’s coming of age took 12 years to make. Now it looks like all that work is paying off. So what else has the concept film won these days?

Boyhood Still
Oh, and did I mention the film looks absolutely gorgeous?

The coming of age drama was named best picture of 2014 by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association (Lafca) on Sunday. Boyhood was also named best picture by the Boston Society of Film Critics. It looks like Boyhood is gaining some momentum in this year’s awards race. You already knew that, though, so I’ll just list the other awards the movie has nabbed in the past week or so.

Watch the trailer for Boyhood below:

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The Boston Society and Lafca also recognized Linklater with their respective Best Director awards. Elsewhere, Boyhood was awarded best picture last week by the New York Film Critics Circle. Los Angeles' critics also recognised its editing. Boston also honoured the film with its best ensemble cast, best screenplay and also best editing prizes.

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Basically, if you haven’t seen Boyhood yet, what are you even doing with your life? Go see the film. Or get it online. Or something. Unless you hate happiness and joy that is.