Richard Madden is grateful he isn't ''too good looking''.

The 'Game of Thrones' actor doesn't think he is particularly attractive, but thinks that lands him more work as he has seen a number of his ''really handsome'' friends get turned down for roles because of their appearance.

He said: ''I don't think I'm handsome. I have friends who are really handsome and they don't get certain parts because they are too good looking. I've never had that problem.

''I look different in every role, which I suppose is quite handy.''

But the 28-year-old star takes care of his appearance, especially when he knows he'll have a shirtless scene.

He said: ''My job is like being an athlete, as lots of roles require you to take your top off.

''It's not just actresses who get scrutinised for their looks.

''I'm no good at balance - I'll either be eating healthily and exercising or stuffing too many pizzas and beers down.''

Despite his success, the 'Cinderella' actor is always convinced he'll never find work again once filming wraps on a project.

He told Woman magazine: ''I still can't believe acting is a job. I started as a kid and I've been lucky to keep working.

''But every time I finish a part, I think it'll be my last. I don't feel like I'm conquering Hollywood, I think I got lucky on a few things.

''You panic and start thinking, 'Oh God, I have no other skills and I'm nearly 30.' ''