Comic Richard Pryor's widow has broken her silence about her late husband's nemesis Bill Cosby and the sexual assault allegations hanging over him, branding THE COSBY SHOW star a "hypocrite".

Jennifer Lee Pryor has revealed her husband and Cosby were never friends, adding Cosby always thought Pryor "worked dirty" onstage.

During a recent appearance on the Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend podcast, Pryor said, "Richard was dirty on the outside, but he was a good person. He was clean on the inside. Bill hated Richard because he 'worked dirty'. Bill worked clean, so therefore, you know... Bill's just a f**king hypocrite, and dirty on the inside.

"This kind of s**t that we're finding out about is beyond... I wasn't aware of this kind of business. There were people in the business who were aware of it, and they're coming out now."

Cosby has been hit by over 30 allegations of sexual abuse and inappropriate behaviour in recent months. His legal team has dismissed all the claims.