Most people, if they’d just survived a drive-by shooting, would probably stay home awhile, possibly start scouting for security firms, if they knew they’d been an intended target. Possibly do some online shopping for bulletproof vests and alternative body armour. Not Rick Ross, though. Rick Ross heads to the studio to rap about the drive-by shooting. Rick Ross reworks a song by rapper of the moment Kendrick Lamar, entitled ‘B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe.’ None of which has helped quell the speculation that the whole thing was staged.

Rick Ross’ street cred has been a bone of contention in the rap community, according to The Hollywood Gossip and not everyone’s convinced that Ross would really have dodged the “hail of bullets” that were reportedly aimed at his Rolls Royce but landed, instead, in the windows of local businesses. Ross eventually crashed his vehicle into a local apartment building.

He’s since been in the studio and recorded a remix of “B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ which includes the lyrics “I can’t believe I’m alive / disrespectful to n*ggers who wanna take me alive / wishing death on you n*ggers we never see eye to eye.” Ross goes on to say “I’m just raising the bar,” which will no doubt irk whoever was shooting at him, presuming it was a genuine drive-by shooting that occurred early Monday Morning (January 28, 2013) on Las Olas Boulevard.  

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