On Monday morning Rick Ross and his girlfriend Shateria Moragne-el were caught up in a drive by shooting when a car pulled up next to Ross' Bentley and opened fire. As Ross raced away he crashed the car into the side of the building. Since then police have opened a criminal investigation, Ross has called for 24/7 armed security, 50 Cent has laughed it off and said it was all staged, and Freeway Ricky Ross has reignited his disdain for the enormously successful rapper.

According to Freeway, rapper Rick Ross stole his name. A former Los Angeles drugs baron who spent 13 years in prison having been caught for his crimes, Ross' name became synonymous during the 90s with hardened gang crime and drug smuggling, as Antonio Moore explains on the Huffington Post. It is this reputation that Freeway thinks Rick Ross stole having adopted it for his stage name. Freeway is even set for a court showdown with Ross in August 2013, with numerous music industry honchos handed subpoenas for the trial, including ex-Warner executive Lyor Cohen, current CEO Stephen Cooper and Warner director Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Now that Ross is in the direct public eye with rumours of gang death threats having been levelled against him, Freeway is having his say once more."Im not surprised that it happened given recent ongoing, when someone doesn't understand the street rules they get confused and incidents like this can take place," he told HipHopDX. "I'm still dealing with ongoing litigation about something as basic as using my name and identity, that should have been dealt with properly a long time ago. No ill will is wished upon anyone, but when you tell these stories about the streets you have to be careful. We covered it in more depth in the Power of the Name Rick Ross piece."