It's been almost ten years since David Brent was last on our screens, however Ricky Gervais' most celebrated character still has the potential to draw in one helluva crowd. It took only 15 seconds for tickets to his two shows at London's Bloomsbury Theatre to sell out and needless to say, the anticipation before the first show was at tipping point. The pressure was on Brent and his backing group, Foregone Conclusion, to deliver when they went on stage last night (14 Oct.) and deliver is just what they did.

Learn Guitar with David Brent
The 'Learn Guitar with David Brent' series re-launched the comic creation

Gervais reignited interest in Brent when he began uploading 'Learn to Play Guitar with David Brent' videos on to his YouTube page. They were viewed by millions and the humour was roundly praised by fans, prompting record deals, movie offers and concert opportunities to be thrust Gervais' way. But rather than take the offers to release an album and perform at Wembley, Gervais decided to take baby steps first and begin Brent's possible future with two shows in intimate settings, with a second performance taking place at the Bloomsbury later this month.

With comedy rap artist Doc Brown opening the show and an introduction from The Office's Keith (Ewen MacIntosh) - complete with trademark heavy breathing and a the occasional bite from his scotch egg - Brent and his four-piece took to the stage with rapturous applause. They went through all the 'classics' that Brent performed on his YouTube series and those that featured on The Office, as the comic creation performed song after song, with little time for any of his well-remembered dance moves or between-song banter with the audience.

It was only a forty-minute set, which for a guy with no official album out is pretty good, but still, some comic asides wouldn't have gone amiss. Should he plough on with his Wembley gig and potentially a full tour after, Gervais should probably work on some extras if he wants his show to me a memorable one, not to mention one that will justify the inevitably high cost of tickets.

Ricky Gervais Kermit the Frog
Gervais will next appear in the upcoming Muppets movie