Ricky Gervais has a message for those offended by the jokes he made at the 2016 Golden Globes on Sunday, ‘you have every right to be offended, just don't cry when no one cares.’ The comedian made the comments on twitter after referencing the criticism he’d received over jokes made about Caitlyn Jenner, which some had labelled 'transphobic'.

Ricky GervaisRicky Gervais offended plenty as host of the 2016 Golden Globes.

‘Suggesting a joke about Caitlin Jenner is automatically transphobic is like suggesting a joke about Bill Cosby is automatically racist,’ Gervais tweeted. ‘In the future, everyone will be offended by me for 15 minutes,’ he added. ‘You have every right to be offended. Just don't cry when no one cares.’

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During his monologue at the awards ceremony Gervais remarked that he had changed a lot since he last served as host, but "not as much as Bruce Jenner. What a year she's had."

"She became a role model for trans people everywhere," Gervais continued. "Showing great bravery in breaking down barriers and destroying stereotypes. She didn't do a lot for women drivers, but you can't have everything, can ya?”

But Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t the only celebrity Gervais took aim at. During the ceremony he also introduced Matt Damon as ‘“the only person Ben Affleck hasn’t been unfaithful to” and awkwardly asked Mel Gibson “What the f*ck does ‘sugar t*ts’ even mean?”

Hosting the 2016 ceremony also seems to have inspired the comedian to return to his first love, stand-up, as he told twitter on Tuesday: ‘Hosting The Globes has made me want to do a new stand up show next year. Now THAT'S when you're allowed to be offended. You whiney c****.'

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Of course Gervais knew that some would be offended even before he took to the stage and he'd issued an advance apology a week before the ceremony. ‘Because I can see the future, I'd like to apologise now for the things I said at next week's Golden Globes. I was drunk & didn't give a f***,' Gervais said on January 2nd.