Ricky Martin has to "force" himself to go out and have fun now he is a father.

The gay singer - who became a dad to twins Matteo and VALENTINO through a surrogate mother in August 2008 - is much more content staying at home with his sons and partner Carlos Gonzalez than going out partying these days.

He said: "Everything used to be about me and now everything is about my boys.

"I used to be a night owl but now I hardly go out. I have to force myself to go out because it is too easy to stay at home as a family on the couch.

"I love reading them stories and being there to put them to bed."

Ricky has previously used his time in London to go out socialising, but this time he wants to use his visit to educate the boys.

He explained: "This time on tour, it isn't about me going out clubbing, it's about the boys.

"I want to take them to London Zoo and to the Natural History Museum, but I think they will be scared of the dinosaurs."

Ricky wants his sons to have as many diverse experiences as possible so they can pursue their own interests, and says they are already fascinated by different things.

He told Hello! magazine: "I just want them to be happy. I am going to Expose them to as many things as possible - sports. Arts, music - and let them find their own way.

"Matteo is very musical - he loves dancing - but Valentino loves nature and animals. He's not afraid of picking up worms."