It's not been a good week for Ricky Wilson. The Kaiser Chief frontman was ejected from the Brits on Wednesday (25th February) and was accidently punched in the face whilst filming The Voice, the episode of which aired on Saturday (18th February). 37-year-old Wilson attended the Brit Awards on Wednesday and a source, speaking to The Mirror, claim his night ended in a less glamorous fashion than the majority of his counterparts. Wilson was allegedly rowing with a female companion outside the O2 Arena in London and, when he attempted to re-enter the arena, was refused entry by security.

Ricky Wilson
Ricky Wilson at the 2015 Brit Awards.

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Wilson reportedly appeared unhappy and was involved in some kind of ruckus whilst at the show. He was spotted outside the arena "angrily pacing back and forth as a female pal tried to calm him." Security attempted to remove Wilson and directed him to the nearest exit but Wilson refused to leave. He attempted to once again enter the arena, causing another row, before giving up and leaving. 

Wilson's representative has claimed the incident was a minor misunderstanding about the location of Wilson's car. The female companion was seemingly a member of his management team who was "attempting to correct" the mistake. 

Yet this is not the only incident Wilson has been involved in this week as he suffered a slight injury whilst filming The Voice. Wilson, who has been a coach on the talent show for just under two years, was accidentally punched in the face by contestant Stevie McCrorie. Fortunately, Wilson was only shocked and laughed the incident off. "You nearly knocked my nose off!" Wilson joked, as The Mirror reports. 

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