Rihanna was looking pretty classy at the Grammy awards at the weekend, wearing a graceful red gown that fell into line with the event’s notoriously strict dress code regulations. However, it’s back to the RiRi we know and, um, love on her new video Stay, with the pop star completely naked in a bath. Vintage.

The song is believed to refer to her turbulent relationship with Chris Brown, with whom she is now of course back together with. The Grammys took place four years to the day since he assaulted her in a car on the night of the same event back in 2009, but she’s been able to forgive and forget the controversial rapper, even though many of the press and even her fans haven’t. The song itself is a slower one from her latest album Unapologetic which went to number eight in the US billboards on its release.

Of course, there’s nothing we like better than having a sit down in the bath and a contemplation about our formerly abusive current boyfriend, and the video shows how, really, she’s just like one of us. She’s a lot richer and all that though, obviously. It should be pointed out that this is a classily shot video, Rihanna may be naked but there’s not a hint of any untoward in sight and, really, if you’re going for a bath you’re not going to go in your bikini are you. Check it out below.