Rihanna's latest Fenty collection celebrates the ''irrepressible creativity, hope and spirit of youth''.

The brand - created by the 32-year-old singer - has shared some images from the new line on Instagram and revealed the campaign, photographed by Lea Colombo, will explore different facets of youth culture.

A message on Instagram stated: ''Future calling. Countdown to our three-part summer collection inspired by the worldly wisdom of youth today.

''Each drop of Release 6-20 explores a different facet of youth culture, from the multi-hyphenate work ethic to the new digital rave scene. Captured here by Lea Colombo, our cast of artists, musicians and models embody the powerful, youthful energy of the release.''

A later message added: ''Dreaming of tomorrow. Celebrating the irrepressible creativity, hope and spirit of youth, Release 6-20 sees the return of our Immigrant print T-Shirt with photo montage. Countdown to our three-part summer collection launching this week.⁠ Drop 1 - June 11. Drop 2 - June 18. Drop 3 - July 15⁠.''

Meanwhile, Rihanna previously insisted she is her own ''muse and said it is vital that she wants to wear every piece from her Fenty maison range herself or it wouldn't be authentic.

She said: ''I'm not the face of my brand, but I am the muse, and my DNA has to run all the way through it.

''I don't want anyone to pull up my website and think, Rihanna would never wear that.''

Rihanna drops her new collections as soon as they are ready and their eclectic styles mirror her own varied tastes.

She explained: ''It can be tomboy one day. It can be a gown the next. A skirt. A swimsuit.''

Though the star already had a relationship with LVMH as her Fenty Beauty range is backed by their own Kendo, she never expected chairman Bernard Arnault to invite her to create her own fashion line but jumped at the chance to take a ''risk''.

She recalled: ''I just thought, Really? Is he sure? Like, now?

''And then you're left with this opportunity that's a really big risk for everyone involved. But I've never been afraid to take risks. That's the thing that got me out of my own way.

''I was like, 'You've never been afraid to do anything or try anything, regardless of the outcome.' So I accepted, and we went full steam ahead.''